Netizen Report: Discussion Platform Founder Arrested in Tanzania

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Global Voices Advocacy’s Netizen Report offers an international snapshot of challenges, victories, and emerging trends in Internet rights around the world. The co-founder of leading East African online discussion forum Jamii Forums was arrested in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, on December 13. He has been charged with obstructing investigation, due to his non-compliance with police requests for forum members’ personal data. Jamii Forums hosts Reddit-like comment and discussion threads on a range of mostly political topics, and also allows users to post documents and other materials to the site. Maxence Melo and Jamii Forums co-founder Mike Mushi have periodically faced challenges from state and federal authorities since the early days of Jamii Forums, where various corruption allegations against government officials and ruling party members have surfaced. The charge falls under Tanzania’s relatively new and controversial Cybercrimes Law, which has been used to prosecute numerous social media users since its
Federal authorities in the Democratic Republic of Congo several major communications platforms, including Skype. Photo by secondfromthesun0 on Pixabay and used with Creative Commons license.
A Malaysian NGO was raided by police in November. Photo by Lenny K Photography on Flickr and used with Creative Commons license.
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