7 Tips to Get Better Newsletter Metrics

This post is by Jason Alcorn from MediaShift

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Last week, MediaShift hosted an online panel on how to get better newsletter metrics. The topic was one of our most popular — for good reason. Newsletters are proving to be a reliable and measurable way for publishers to connect directly with readers. We can’t forget that email is still a platform, but at least it’s one with open standards and a higher degree of control for both sender and recipient. The New York Times’ Lindsey Goddard, Greentech Media’s Brady Pierce and Parse.ly’s Clare Carr generously shared their expertise. Watch the video here or scroll down for seven of their best tips for how to get better newsletter metrics. 1. Segment your audience. Newsletters feel personal, like a one-to-one communication. Or at least they should. By segmenting your audience and developing email products that deliver on a unique, targeted value proposition, you are likely to have the greatest success. 2. Continue reading "7 Tips to Get Better Newsletter Metrics"